Game Sales Beat DVDs, Box Office in 2007

Ask anyone in the know about the success of video games over the past few years and they'll definitely tell you that business is booming, but did you know that for the first time ever the industry has surpassed DVD? And the box office?

Well, it did, according to the latest numbers from tried-and-true industry number cruncher NPD. That group's latest year-end figures (for 2007) showed the US retail gaming industry took in US$18.85 billion during 2007. The total was twice that of the Motion Picture Association of America's (MPAA) record-breaking US box office take of $9.6 billion.

As for DVD sales, gaming took them out to the back for a whuppin' too, but only slightly, as the physical movie media format reportedly made between $15.9 and $16 billion according to two separate research firms.

It's an impressive feat, but video games have a ways to go before they can say they unseated the movie industry in its entirety. That's because when you combine the US box office, DVD sales, and DVD rentals the number gets much bigger: $33 billion.

Oh well, gaming only looks to be getting stronger as more people from all walks of life pick up (or stand up) with a controller for the first time. There's always 2009, right?

This story, "Game Sales Beat DVDs, Box Office in 2007" was originally published by GamePro.

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