iPhone 3G, the Unexpurgated Arrival-Day FAQ

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What Do I Do With My Old iPhone?

If the words "toss it" bring on a flash-back to the $600 you plunked down a year ago, don't sweat it: You can pass along the old iPhone to a family member or friend.

Apple's provided some help here, reminding users that they should delete all their existing information from the old iPhone -- after transferring it, of course, to a new model -- by tapping "Settings>General>Reset>Erase all Content and Settings>Erase iPhone."

AT&T's advice is a little more detailed, not surprise, really, since it wants that old iPhone to stay in business as a cell phone. If you give the old iPhone to someone who is already an AT&T customer, they can simply take the SIM card from their old phone and stick it in the iPhone, then activate using iTunes, as early-adopters did when they bought the first-gen model.

People new to AT&T will have to head to an AT&T store for a SIM card that they can then insert into the old iPhone.

Of course, if you transfer your number to your new iPhone 3G and don't want to give away the old one, you can use it as a pseudo-iPod touch for surfing via Wi-Fi hotspots and your home wireless network, taking and viewing photos and playing tunes.

What About iPhone 2.0?

Throw me a bone here. Isn't there something for those of us who have a first-generation iPhone but don't want to blow another $200 on a new one?

You get iPhone 2.0, the long-awaited upgrade to the iPhone's software, or firmware. iPhone 2.0 adds two important capabilities. First, it lets you download and install third-party applications from Apple's online App Store, which debuted -- sort of -- on Thursday.

Second, the firmware update also allows for sync with corporate Exchange mail servers, and for consumers, provides the iPhone-side tools for connecting with MobileMe, Apple's revamped online service that now offers push e-mail, push scheduling and push contacts. Before you grab the 2.0 update, install iTunes 7.7; that's needed to download App Store applications to your Mac or PC. Then, plug in your iPhone, fire up iTunes, click on it under Devices, and click the Summary tab. Click "Check for Update."

Be prepared to wait if your broadband connection is on the slower side: the iPhone 2.0 update weighs in at 225MB.

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