iPhone 3G: The First 48 Hours

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App Store Grumbles

I still maintain that the iPhone's user interface is light years ahead of competing mobile phones. But even this interface isn't conducive to searching and finding apps. So far, I've not had much luck with downloads from the App Store.

One free app I wanted to try, Instapaper, indicated that it would be waiting for me to download via iTunes the next time I logged in. Another free app, AOL Instant Messenger, appears to be having issues, too: I tried downloading the file three times--and still, no AIM icon on my iPhone. Hmmm. The next step would be syncing with my PC, I guess--but that takes away from the allure of downloading direct to the phone.

On Saturday, the Apple Store where I bought my phone, in Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island, claimed it was unaware of any App Store issues. Then again, the store was still fielding a line out the mall's doors for would-be iPhone 3G buyers. It was also still dealing with on-again, off-again activation problems, along with AT&T Wireless activation eligibility issues.

At least everyone who stood in line at that mall location got an iPhone on the first day--even if it took until well after 1 a.m. to finish getting through the line of buyers, according to one employee.

I hope that some of those folks are having better luck with their new iPhones than I am.

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