Bridging the Network Gap: Cisco Nexus 5000

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A Step for Network Consolidation

When reviewing products such as the Nexus 5000 that bear the first implementation of an innovative technology is often difficult to maintain judgments about of the technology separated from that about the solution. Which is probably why, at the end of my evaluation, I tend to think of the Nexus 5020 and of FCoE as a whole -- which they are, because at the moment there is no other switch that let you implement the new protocol.

However, even if I break apart the two, each piece has merits of its own. I like the unified view that FCoE brings to network transport and I like the speed and feather-light impact that the Nexus 5020 brings to that union.

Obviously the Nexus 5000 is a first version product and however well rounded, it's easy to predict that future versions will move up the bar even further. As for the technology, perhaps the greatest endorsement that FCoE received is that Brocade is planning to ship a Nexus 5000 rival solution, based on FCoE by year's end. Obviously the old "if you can't beat them, join them" battle cry of competition is still alive and well in the storage world.

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