TSA Uses BI to Save $100 Million

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) last week said it estimates that its use of business intelligence software to manage its workers will have saved it about $100 million over a two-year period ending this fall.

The agency s Performance Information Management System (PIMS), which is based on BI reporting and analytics tools from MicroStrategy Inc., allowed the TSA to streamline operations and significantly cut worker overtime costs between October 2006 and October 2008, a spokesman said.

The TSA installed the system in November 2004. PIMS collects, analyzes and reports passenger and baggage-screening data and provides operational performance metrics to managers. PIMS also analyzes payroll data and TSA staff utilization.

The agency said it uses the system to run 1 million reports annually for 12,000 internal users.

The TSA is a metrics-based organization, the spokesman noted.

Wayne Eckerson, director of research and services at The Data Warehousing Institute, said the focus on metrics allows the TSA to avoid getting hamstrung because it doesn t rely on intuition to make decisions or have information stored in disparate spreadsheets, data marts and reports.

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