HADR Brings Resiliency to Virtualization

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Narrowing Your Choices

None of these products directly competes with one another; rather they all complement each other and the virtualization platforms they support. It's possible that an enterprise might implement all four of these products in different applications. This review is intended to show the kinds of functionality available rather than serving as an all-inclusive guide -- there are many competitors for each of the products reviews.

Even the two products closest in functionality, everRun and Avance, have differing approaches to high available, and some organizations might use both in different applications. everRun's true continuous availability provides the level of availability necessary for the most critical applications, whereas Avance offers an easier configuration and lower pricing.

SANmelody (and other storage systems with the same kinds of functionality) allows for a simpler environment and easier management of VM distributed across multiple virtualization servers. Scalent takes this simplification a step further and essentially virtualizes the entire underlying infrastructure that supports virtualization -- network, storage, and VMware management, all in a single integrated platform. vRangerPro offers recovery tools for disaster recovery rather than high availability, enabling backups of VMs that can be restored locally or at a remote datacenter to continue operations after a disaster.

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