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Convincing the Business That Telecommuting's a Good Idea

How to Negotiate a Flexible Work Schedule
To get your boss to agree to such an arrangement, your proposal should spell out exactly how the arrangement will work, the value it will bring to your employer and how your performance will be measured.

Survey: More Government Workers Can Telecommute
U.S. government employees have a telecommuting gap: Nearly all of them could work from home at least part-time, but only about 20 percent do.

Telecommuting Gets a Bad Rap
Most U.S. workers (70 percent) still commute to work every day, while just 2 percent telecommute full-time, according to the 2006 National Technology Readiness survey. The U.S. share of telecommuters would grow to 25 percent if it were practiced by everyone who had the option to telecommute and had the kind of job amenable to telecommuting, and this would save $3.9 billion per year in fuel costs, the survey says.

CIO Confidential: Telecommuting Is Not the Solution to Bad Traffic
One CIO explains his own backlash against teleworking, citing a corrosive effect on productivity, team spirit and sense of corporate culture.

Survey: Even With $4 Gas, Demand for Telework Unmet
Even as gas prices hit historic highs in the U.S., most workers can't telecommute, according to a new survey released by advocacy group Telework Exchange.

What Happened to That Whole Hoteling Concept?
Office hoteling was going to change the world -- or, at least, reduce real-estate costs and offer those workers who traveled a lot a shared place to sit when they were back in the office. So what happened?

Gas Prices Alter Work Environment
Carpooling and teleworking increase in face of rising commuting costs, survey finds.

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