The New MacBook Trackpad and Multi-Touch Gestures

A key feature of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro that Apple released recently is the new trackpad. It supports finger gestures that make it easier to use.

In this Macworld Video, I take a close look at the new trackpad and the Multi-Touch gestures. I'll talk about the new four-finger gestures, as well as the previously released gestures.

Download Macworld Video #74

Format: MPEG-4/H.264

Resolution: 320 x 240 (iPhone & iPod compatible)

Size: 5MB

Length: 2 minutes, 54 seconds

Show notes

Our news coverage of the MacBook and MacBook Pro provides complete information about available configurations. You can also check the MacBook and MacBook Pro product pages at Keep an eye on our Reviews section for a full review this week of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Apple has a Knowledge Base article showing how to use the trackpad and the Multi-Touch gestures. The article covers the general gestures; it doesn't cover application-specific gestures.

If you love using the Multi-Touch gestures and want more, you might want to give MultiClutch a try. It's a utility that adds more customization to the gestures. You can read what Mac Gems columnist Dan Frakes had to say about MultiClutch. MultiClutch is currently beta software.


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