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When myBoxTone Expert Self-Service Just Doesn't Cut It

Some BlackBerry-related issues will inevitably require assistance from the IT help desk. On that note, myBoxTone Expert has a number of embedded features that make it easier for IT staffers to remotely troubleshoot BlackBerry problems.

For instance, whenever users click on a specific alert for details on a problem, a menu option allows them to e-mail that information to their BlackBerry administrators. (IT departments can preprogram e-mail addresses and phone numbers for the help desk so users never need to enter in any contact information.)

myBoxTone Expert also has valuable screen shot functionality that enables users to snap and send screen captures of any application or screen to their IT help desks--though BlackBerry handheld operating system (OS) 4.3 or higher is required. There are currently two ways to snap screen shots: Users can enable a special screenshot menu option so they can capture a screen image whenever they want; or they can return to the app's home screen, hit the BlackBerry Menu key and choose to a delayed screen shot for, say, 30 seconds. After half a minute, the application snaps an image of the screen, which can then be sent directly to the help desk or saved on the device. (In situations in which users cannot send e-mail, they can connect their BlackBerrys to a PC, transfer screen shots or other diagnostic data and then send it off to IT from there.)

The app also lets users gather important diagnostic data--including all information available on the home and trends screens--and then send it directly to the help desk by simply clicking the BlackBerry Menu key, selecting Smartphone Info and then sending the resulting auto-generated message to the appropriate IT contact. All the information available on the myBoxTone Expert Home screen can also be quickly emailed to the help desk by clicking the BlackBerry Menu key and choosing E-Mail Help Desk.

Finally, BlackBerry users can also choose to send IT a full list of the current alerts being highlighted by myBoxTone Expert, as well as a recent history of alerts. And phone calls to the help desk can also be easily placed from almost any screen by choosing Call Help Desk from the BlackBerry Menu.

myBoxTone Expert System Requirements and Pricing

The myBoxTone Expert application works on any Java-enabled BlackBerry smartphone running BlackBerry handheld OS v4.2 or higher, though v4.3 is required to utilize the screen capture functionality, according to BoxTone. The app should function on any BlackBerry device from the 8700 series to the latest RIM smartphones.

myBoxTone Expert also works on devices that use BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) instead of BES, though many of the advanced features are designed to help BlackBerry administrators resolve the problems of enterprise users.

Administrators who want to deploy the app over the air (OTA) via BES will need to be using BES v.4.0 or higher.

The application is expected to go on sale November 10, and it will sell for roughly $2,000 for a 100-seat license. Every additional 100 users will cost another $1000.

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