Femtocell FAQ: Your Own 'Cell-Phone Tower'?

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Will Femtocells Reduce the Demand for Wi-Fi?

Not likely, say analysts. Wi-Fi is already well ingrained in home and office networking, and femtocells are becoming part of Wi-Fi routers, not alternatives to them.

"Femtocells and Wi-Fi are complementary," Carlaw says. The analyst sees carriers bundling the two technologies together, with one offering voice support and the other data networking.

What About WiMax?

Femtocells are likely to help, not hurt, WiMax. Players such as Sprint and Clearwire are looking at femtocells as a potential way to avoid costly WiMax buildouts in urban areas. Instead of a larger "macro network" delivering the faster and longer-range wireless signal, home broadband networks could be employed.

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Will you get a femtocell when your carrier offers them?

Comcast is one of those companies interested in seeing the development of WiMax femtocell base stations. The cable giant is an investor in Clearwire, which along with Sprint is creating the nationwide Xohm WiMax network in the U.S.

Earlier this month, an Unstrung report speculated that the cable giant will introduce WiMax femtocells during the second half of 2009. Although Comcast hasn't commented on the news, Clearwire has set aside 5 MHz of spectrum solely for femtocells, according to ABI's Carlaw.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Femtocells?

A number of questions persist, including ownership of the devices, potential interference as femtocells become more common and how carriers will market the technology. The answers could unlock $70 billion in savings for operators and put an end to the most nagging problem for cellular consumers: making indoor calls.


This article originally stated that Sprint's Airave service was voice-only. While the service does not support high-speed EV-DO data, it does support 1xRTT data. We have also corrected femtocells' range from 5,000 feet to 5,000 square feet.

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