'Brothers in Arms' Shooter Comes to IPhone

Gameloft on Tuesday announced the release of "Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes" for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game costs US$9.99 and is available for purchase from the App Store.

Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes is based on the popular 3D shooter action game franchise from Ubisoft. The game, like other titles in the series, is based in World War II, and Gameloft bills it as the first World War II-era shooter to arrive on the App Store.

Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes features 13 missions across three campaigns: Normandy, Ardennes and Tunisia; the ability to command vehicles including Jeeps and Sherman Tanks; a choice of different weapons ranging from bazooka to sniper rifle, machine gun and more; and support for the iPhone accelerometer for actions like grenade launching.


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