VMware Rolls out VMware View 3

Virtualisation specialist VMware has released its virtual desktop manager VMware View 3, which it claims can help solve the 'desktop dilemma'.

Coined by VMware president and CEO Paul Maritz, the situation describes the business choice of whether to provide thick or thin clients for employees.

Thick clients give employees a rich set of applications in their desktop environment, but are a management nightmare because applications can be distributed across thousands of PCs that must be provisioned, updated, patched and secured individually.

Thin clients are cheaper, more secure, and more cost-effective to manage, but traditionally have not been able to deliver the richness, flexibility, or compatibility of a thick client. Most businesses provide thin clients only for employees such as call centre staff who can be productive in a more stripped-down environment.

VMware says its system solves the 'desktop dilemma' by combining the benefits of both approaches--delivering rich, personalised virtual desktops to any device (whether thick or thin), while simplifying management and securing endpoints with virtual desktops hosted in the data centre.

IT organisations can 'decouple' a desktop from specific physical devices or locations to create a personalised view of a user's desktop, applications, and data--called 'myView'--that is securely accessible from almost any device, at any time.

"VMware View 3 introduces technologies that increase the scalability and richness of virtual desktops while reducing management time and costs," said Jocelyn Goldfein, vice president and general manager of VMware's desktop business unit. "For example, the new VMware view composer dramatically reduces storage consumption and increases the speed and flexibility of provisioning desktops." Other new features include virtual printing, multimedia redirection, offline desktop, and the brokering of Windows terminal services sessions.

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