Acer Aspire One: Holiday Sales Deals

Acer is making a big last-minute push to get more Acer Aspire One netbooks into people's hands. First came the announcement that wireless-broadband models are for sale at Radio Shack for 99 bucks (when you sign up for a prohibitively expensive wireless-broadband plan). Now, Best Buy is selling the Aspire One (sans wireless broadband) for $299--about $50 off the regular price.

If you take a quick peek at our Top 5 Netbooks chart, you'll see that Acer is positioned pretty well--and the price was certainly tempting enough before, at $350. Heck, back when I last looked at the Acer Aspire One, I was pretty impressed with the small, functional netbook.

Still, I have to reiterate one point that I made last week: If you are able to hang tight for a couple of months, do so. If you missed the news about nVidia's Ion platform-based netbooks, affordable machines as tiny as the Aspire One capable of playing 3D games and encoding video could be just over the horizon. The technology may add a little more to the price ($50 max, according to nVidia).

As for the Aspire One, though, you can't really argue with a deal in this economy.

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