CES: First-Ever USB 3.0 Drive Expected

A company called Symwave plans to demonstrate at next month's CES the world's first-ever USB 3.0 storage drive. USB 3.0 promises to be 10 times faster than 2.0. Too bad the industry isn't ready yet.

It's your typical technology chicken-and-egg scenario, which requires, say, laptops with 3.0-compatible USB drives and USB 3.0 capable devices. Which comes first?

It's not clear if Symwave's drive actually comes first. That is, it's not clear whether Symwave will demonstrate an actual product, or a kludge designed to showcase their 3.0 technologies.

Still, it's a good sign, and one that suggests we could be seeing high-end notebooks with 3.0 compatibility -- plus peripherals that support them -- by the end of the year.

This article originally appeared as a blog post on our sister site, Computerworld.com.

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