LG Electronics Introduces Energy-Efficient Handset Displays

LG Electronics has begun to develop power-saving mobile phones.

Under the agreement, LG Electronics, a South Korea-based consumer electronics company, and Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, a US-based provider of digital wireless communications products, will jointly develop mirasol-enabled handsets.

Developed by Qualcomm, the mirasol display is said to consume significantly less power than other display technologies, extending handset battery life and enabling consumers to enjoy greater mobility. Based on reflective technology, mirasol displays can harness ambient light to create colours across a broad range of lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

"With the display's low-power capabilities, LG customers are able to take advantage of sophisticated mobile applications for longer periods of time and view it across a range of lighting environments," said Doo Whan Sang, vice president of LG Electronics.

Under the agreement, Qualcomm MEMS Technologies and LG Electronics have committed resources to integrate mirasol displays into one or more LG handsets intended for commercial release.

"LG looks for innovations like Qualcomm's mirasol displays that can give us a competitive edge and a different user experience which customers have come to expect," said Doo.

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