Hidden iTunes: The Five Best Keyboard Shortcuts

Regular Hassle-Free PC (HFPC) readers know that I love keyboard shortcuts. Not, not love: lurve. (Quick trivia quiz: Name the movie in which that word was coined.) So today let's talk about the five best ways to zip around iTunes without ever taking your hands off the ol' QWERTY.

  • Ctrl-N: Create a new playlist
  • Ctrl-Up Arrow/Ctrl-Down Arrow: Raises and lowers the volume, respectively.
  • Ctrl-Left Arrow/Ctrl-Right Arrow: Skip back a song and skip ahead a song, respectively.
  • Ctrl-Shift-H: Takes you directly to the iTunes Store home page.
  • Space Bar: Play/pause the current song. (In other words, hit Space once to pause the song, again to resume, and so on.)

Got an iTunes shortcut of your own to share? You know where: In the comments down below. In the meantime, don't forget to check out Three Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Learn Right Now, Seven More Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Learn Right Now, and Five Firefox Shortcuts Etc. Etc.

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