Skype for Business: Not Quite Enough

I've blogged before about me being a Skype fan. I was happy when 4.0 came out recently as it was a video-centric rather than audio-centric release.

Now, Skype has come out with a business release which makes it easier to tie Skype into existing (SIP) compliant business phone networks. Although you are still mostly tethered (or Bluetoothed, or maybe Skype enabled Wi-Fied) to your computer, in these tough economic times, you could indeed whittle down some of those telecom costs.

So, what is missing? Skype in the personal version still suffers from the inability to have multiple video conferences. You can talk face to face with one party, but multiple parties are the territory of startups such as ooVoo. I still think Skype itself is one to one video in both personal and business forms. Am I right? I've emailed Skype for some clarification.

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