IPhone Accelerometer Leads to a Shakeable Ad

Dockers has a new ad that dances when shaken. The ad, which appears with some iPhone applications, takes advantage of the phone's built-in accelerometer to create an interactive, "shakeable" ad. It is the first of its kind, according to Dockers.

The ad features Seattle musician and dancer Dufon dressed in a pair of Dockers Khakis. When users shake their phone, Dufon dances on the iPhone screen to the rhythm of the shakes.

Messages that say "Shake 2 activ8" and "Shake 4 encore," are displayed on the phone to prompt users to use the feature.

Dockers successfully catered to the 30- to 39-year old male demographic in 2001 by creating pants with a pocket for mobile phones. The company says the shakeable ad is intended to gain more tech-savvy customers.

Dufon appears during commercial breaks on i.TV and between levels of iBasketball, iBowl and iGolf. The ad was launched earlier this month.

According to mobile ad serving company AdMob, the iPhone represents a sizable chunk of international mobile ad traffic.

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