Third-party Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Available

If you've been sitting tight, waiting desperately to connect your Mini-DisplayPort-bedecked Mac to your flashy HDTV through that fancy-pants HDMI connector, you're now in luck. Starting this Friday, online retailer Monoprice will be selling an adapter to bridge that gap for a mere US$14.

This dongle finally lets you watch that pesky protected HD content on pretty much any HD display you want (as long as the display is HDCP-compatible, naturally). Monoprice is also selling Mini-DisplayPort-to-DVI and Mini-DisplayPort-to-VGA for $15 and $19 respectively, if you're looking to pick up a different adapter (Apple sells its version of each of those for $29).

While we haven't taken this for a test drive, gadget blog Gizmodo apparently has; they say that it works precisely as advertised.

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