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2. People Search Skills

Twitter search also allows you to catch up on tweets from your favorite people. On Twitter, a person's username on the service appears with the @ symbol in front of it. It's usually more effective to search for someone using a Twitter handle than using the person's actual name (sometimes those two items are conveniently the same, however).

Twitter's people search lets you search for tweets from a person, to a person, or referencing a person. When you use the search bars in the advanced search feature, you don't need to put the @ sign in front of the person's name.

A Tweet "to" a person will be accounted for if someone mentioned that person's name as the very first word of their message. A mere "reference" means the name could appear anywhere in the tweet.

People Shortcuts

Here are some shortcuts if you want to get similar functions from people search from the main Twitter search bar.

Type: @lancearmstrong. Twitter will search for: tweets referencing Lance Armstrong Twitter handle.

Type: from:lancearmstrong. Twitter will search for: tweets from Lance Armstrong.

Type: to:lancearmstrong. Twitter will search for: all tweets directed at LanceArmstrong (messages that put his name at the front of the tweet).

3. Zero in on a Location (Places)

The Twitter audience is global, so sometimes it's helpful to know who tweeted a certain topic in your geographic area. You can type in a location such as "Boston" and then search as far away as a thousand miles or as close as one mile. This information is gleaned from the geographic information that people feed into their Twitter profiles.

Shortcut location search

Want to see what's happening from local area Twitter users?

Type: "giants game" near "San Francisco." Twitter will search for: people in the San Francisco area who are tweeting about the Giants game.

Type: near:Boston within:10 miles. Twitter will search for: all tweets done within 10 miles of Boston.

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