RSA Security Conference Product Parade

New tools for data protection come in many forms, all designed to thwart the bad guys, at the annual security conference. Take a look at the selection.

RSA Security Conference Product Parade

A round-up of intriguing new products from the RSA Conference.

WatchGuard Fireware XTM OS

The new firewall operating system includes support for HTTPS and VoIP security, clustering and load balancing. More info

Axway Secure Messenger

Hosted offering of Axway's Secure Messenger messaging encryption platform includes true message recall functionality, completely taking the message off the server. Taking encryption to the cloud provides a secure but affordable solution to small and midsize businesss. More info

LogRhythm 5.0

LogRhythm 5.0 provides file integrity monitoring that issues alerts in near real-time when protected files are changed, and traces activity back to the individual user who performed them. It also incorporates Endpoint Monitoring & Control that tracks, alerts on, logs, and audits all movement of data to removable media ports and can optionally block data transfers on selected machines and devices. More info

HP Assessment Management Platform 8.0

Tool for identifying and audit reporting on vulnerabilities in applications supports various scanners,including HP WebInspect 8.0, through a dashboard view and enterprise control of scanning. More info

HP WebInspect 8.0

This Web application-vulnerability scanning tool adds support for scanning of Adobe Flash andWeb 2.0 applications to identify problems such as cross-site scripting and recommend remediation. More info

Triumfant Resolution Manager

Triumfant Resolution Manager uses patent-pending software to automatically discover, analyze and remediate attacks and unexpected changes on endpoint computers and servers in real time without human intervention. Triumfant works to ensure that organizations start every day with their endpoint machines secure and audit ready. More info

Bit9 Parity 5.0

Bit9's Parity 5.0 software addresses (and prevents) the challenge of unauthorized software, making it easier for organizations to assess in real-time whether any unauthorized software is running on a company's endpoints; through a graphical representation of the network, pinpoint exactly what endpoints are in breach of policy; and quickly determine how safe an application is through a cloud-based reputation service. More info

Blink Server 4

Intended for Windows 2000 servers up to Windows 2008, this security software includes a wide range of capabilities, including Web-server application protection, firewall, host-based intrusion detection and prevention, vulnerability-aseessment scanner and anti-virus modules from Norman Data Defense. more info

Norman Network Protector

The Network Protector appliance sits between network segments inline with traffic, which it scans and forwards packet-by-packet. When it determines a transfer includes malware, it blocks the last segments of it, forcing a request for retransmission, which it blocks. More info

ArcSight Express

The new ArcSight Express family helps midsize organizations automate enterprise-class security information and event management. ArcSight Express includes a real-time correlation appliance, a log management appliance for long-term storage, and the built-in expert correlation rules, dashboards, and reports needed to secure midsize IT infrastructures. More info

Syphan ITC 220

This 10G security appliance, designed to support high-speed security services, can enforce policies for 1,000 VLANs or 500 customers in a service-provider setting. It filters with just 64 nanosec delay and maintains state of 16 milllion flows, enabling it to quickly identify slow-entry attacks. More info

NEC SiteShell

This software Web-application firewall is NEC's first foray into selling software in the U.S. Customers can buy it for a flat subscription fee with no up-front capital cost, and that includes a signature update service. SiteShell has been available in Japan since last summer. More info

AVG LinkScanner

LinkScanner is a new free security component, which scans all results of the supported Internet search engines, and provides an evaluation of a safety level of each found Web site. At the same time, the LinkScanner also checks all Internet addresses typed into the address bar of your browser, or linked on other Web sites. While browsing the Internet, Active-Surf-Shield protects you against any threats hidden within the Web sites upon their direct visit. More info.

SyferLock GridGuide 2.6

GridGuard is an enhanced authentication system for remote access allowing users to leverage existing traditional passwords, but have it input and transmitted as a one-time password without any additional hardware or client software. The release allows individual UI customization and patented security modifiers. More info

MXI Security Stealth M200

Encrypted USB devices to automatically encrypt and decrypt data stored on device; load an entire virtual desktop onto the device to safely work from any computer; protected by strong password authentication with highly configurable hardware password complexity rules; one device can be shared with multiple co-workers or family members. More info

Passlogix v-GO Access Accelerator Suite

A new easier-to-use v-GO® Single Sign-On™ client for end users; multi-session capability for kiosks and shared workstations; easier single sign-on and password changes for administrative accounts; and updated application support. More info

OmniAccess 8550 Web Services Gateway

Detailed, context-sensitive capture of usage patterns that lets organizations monitor and adapt to security breaches. Efficient, flexible, high-performance policy evaluation and contextual policy enforcement for protection of private information. Granular views of user-centric Web services, ensuring authorized individuals (including those offering third-party services) have access to the information they require. More info

Enterprise Log Manager

Collects, manages and archives security information, specifically the log data from various IT systems and security devices including firewalls, operating systems and applications; and provides aggregated reports that help verify compliance and support security investigations. More info

RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server Proxy

The RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server (VDS) Proxy Edition is a virtual directory, designed to overcome the most common directory integration challenges. VDS Proxy Edition provides a single, logical view of all users across directories for authentication and authorization initiatives, enabling the deployment of identity for Portal and Web Access Management. More info