Ex-Sony Employee: IPhone Game Development 'Better Than PSP's'

Apple's iPhone hasn't even been out for two years yet and already iPhone games, like Metal Gear Solid Touch, Super Monkey Ball, and Wolfenstein 3D are comparable to some games you'd see on the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP.

In a news article on Edge, former Sony Computer Entertainment Europe employee Sebastien Rubens states that he feels the process in which games are developed and submitted to Sony by third party PSP game developers isn't efficient.

Rubens also says that the iPhone's Software Development Kit is superior to the PSP's.

"iPhone's is better. You could make things a lot easier to use, and I come from the software engineering side... ...after that it's a problem of the market and deciding what it wants, including prices for downloadable games, so people know what kind of games to make -- in other words, not a GTA, even if PSP is technically capable of running it, because the economics don't make it worth it. And in the submission process, they're a bit too slow to move." -Sebastien Rubens

You can read the original article on Edge here.

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