Is This Really the First Google Android Netbook?

Certainly this can't be it. The first Google Android netbook should certainly be more monumental than this $100 device from SkyTone. Guanzhou, China-based Skytone is famous for making Skype headsets and ultra low cost children's computers. But, as of today, they have on their website, the Alpha-680 Google Android netbook. In Pink, Yellow, Red, Black and White.

While this device is going to be extremely cheap, it does have some redeeming qualities. It looks to have a flip around touch screen and a gaming pad built in. And this thing does have Wifi, Ethernet, 3G, USB Ports and an SD card slot in a $100 package.

The specs overall are anemic, even for a $100 Netbook.

This is just a glorified cellphone...without the glory. Its build quality also looks extremely low end. However, with Skytone's Skype heritage, at least it will be able to function as a Skype phone.

I'd like to see a better processor, more RAM and more local storage. I guess the SD card slot is means enough to put in 32GB more Flash storage if desired. And as long as this thing runs a browser over WiFi, it is hard to complain about a $100 device. Worst case scenario, you can give it to a child to play with.

SkyTone isn't the only Android Netbook game in town either, they are just first to announce. Plenty of others are planned, namely Pegatron's Freescale based netbook. There is also the i-Buddie prototyple (although this is based on Intel Atom).

I am personally hoping to see more exciting ARM Netbook products to come out over the next few months, even perhaps a device from Apple.

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