Woz Interviewed About Hackery, Life

While you may know that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak tore it up on ABC's Dancing with the Stars and has recently joined hardware startup Fusion-IO, I sure didn't know that he's still using Eudora, a program that I stopped using circa 2002, as his everyday e-mail client.

That and many other fascinating quirks from Woz are revealed in his latest interview, with productivity blog Lifehacker . Other gems? He packs a 17-inch MacBook Pro and travels with an iPhone and BlackBerry--why he needs both, I'll never understand. Then again, this is a guy who carries around sheets of US$2 bills and is a master of Segway polo. But, I digress.

On the software front, Woz runs Safari and says he has never really had time to check out Linux, although he does add that "Linux people always think the way I want to think." While he used to have a jailbroken iPhone, he doesn't anymore, due to the constant back-and-forth of Apple's software updates and re-enabling the hack.

Anyway, scope it and be sure to let us know if it convinces you to challenge him on the Segway Polo field.

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