Everything You Need To Know About Twitter

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Search Tips and Twitter Add-Ons for Better Organization

How To Search Twitter Smarter

Once you're actively using Twitter, you may feel unable to keep up with all the messages of value. But you can learn to search them. From hashtags to smiley faces, here are our tips on how to search Twitter to get more value from it.

TweetDeck App Gets You Organized, Automated

The handy, free TweetDeck app will help you organize personal and business Tweets, automate coordination with Facebook, and more. Here are instructions on how and why to get started with TweetDeck.

Twitter for Marketing Pros

Salesforce.com Integrates Twitter to Cloud Services Offering

When it comes to social media, Salesforce.com leads rivals like Oracle and SAP and its success could help your company reach customers. Case in point: Salesforce.com apps now work with social networking services like Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter for Business: Four Ways Companies Use Microblogging

Having a good dialogue with users of Twitter, the microblogging service, requires being personable and avoiding too much corporate marketing jargon.

Twitter Alternatives in the Enterprise

Socialtext 3.0: Bringing Twitter-Like Experience to Enterprise

Socialtext, a Palo Alto company that made its mark building wikis for the enterprise, has added a social networking application for businesses and a microblogging tool akin to Twitter.

Case Study: Bringing the Twitter-like Experience to the Enterprise

Learning from the success people have had on Twitter, the short messaging service, a public affairs firm has begun using enterprise microblogging technology from Socialtext. It mirrors the Twitter experience, but for the purposes of internal, enterprise collaboration.

Twitter on Your Mobile Device

Best (Free) Mobile Twitter Apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile

Twitter lets you share details on whatever you're doing. But how many truly interesting activities happen in front of a PC? Thanks to these seven mobile Twitter apps for BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices, wherever your smartphone goes, Twitter can follow.

The Origins of Twitter

Interview with Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey

How Jack Dorsey figured out that short is sweet, flexibility is essential and applications should work so that people don't have to be at their computers all day long.

Twitter's Potential for Business Users

Watching the emergence of Twitter, a microblogging tool that allows people to post updates in 140 characters or less, business and technology leaders are beginning to think about how the Twitter could be used in their organizations.

Analysis of Twitter, the Company

Twitter: Making Money Takes Back Seat to Growth Even in Economic Recession

An executive Twitter told Web 2.0 Summit attendees they were focused on growth and helping their users--rather than making money, despite the faltering economy.

Would Twitter Have a Better Home at Google or Facebook?

The speculation that Google is likely in talks to acquire Twitter shouldn't be surprising. The Twitter founders already entertained offers from Facebook as well. As a result, Twitter will have a choice: sell to a company that connects people to information, or to one that connects people with people. Based on the nature of Twitter, the choice might not be so straightforward.

Twitter's User Base: Why Nerds Are Losing Control of Twitter

Twitter has gone mainstream. Who would have thought it?

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