Google Android: Pretty as a Picture

Digital photo frames already run simple operating systems. They run remote controls, Wifi, browse server shares, play movies, etc. But that's just the beginning for these sub-$100 items.

What if Google got on board? Imagine Android market, a quick little Chrome browser, maybe a Skype client on every photo frame in your house. That's just the beginning. You could check you gmail account, calendar and have your Google dashboard.

And of course, the real tie-in: Picassa photo albums.

Google Android: Pretty as a Picture
Image from: Engadget
That's the idea behind "Software Platform for Home Network Digital Photo Frame", a joint venture between Macnica Inc, a Japanese firm developing and marketing semiconductors and network devices, and Fujitsu Software Technologies Ltd. (as seen in above image from Engadget).

With all of these possible features, when do these things stop being photo frames and start being "stationary multimedia tablets"? I don't think it matters to Google what you call it, as long as it can run its OS and serve up some advertising. If it turns into cheap home entertainment and a productivity tool, all the better for Google.

So Google Android will operate on phones, netbooks and now photo frames. What's next?

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