Gmail Users Complain of Spam Avalanche

Gmail users have been getting pretty riled up about seeing more spam in their inbox recently than they're used to. Google says it has fixed a small filter configuration glitch on their end, but many users say are still getting more than their fair share of unwanted mail.

Apparently the problem has been going on for weeks but has gotten particularly bad in the last few days. Despite Google's claim that the issue has been resolved, clearly there are still people who are still having problems. Just today, Google's Gmail help forum has been deluged with complaints, and complaints on Twitter are reaching a fever pitch. Adding to the frustration is the fact that some of the email that does get flagged as spam actually isn't.

I have several Gmail accounts and agree that spam has been out of control the last few days. In fact, even emails that I mark as spam don't prevent more from seeping througha few minutes later. That said, even though I'm not thrilled about the hassle, I'm not about to start complaining about it.

Gmail is free. If I were a paying customer, I'd be all over Google about this but since they aren't charging me to use their service, we aren't beholden to each other. If Gmail isn't meeting my needs then I can find another service, and if I rant at Googleabout performance they don't necessarily have to listen.

Furthermore, while we all poke fun at Gmail's eternal beta label, it's in place for reasons exactly like this. As I wrote previously, "the team wants to release a full-featured product that meets the needs of today's user and Gmail just isn't up to snuff yet."

Is a spammy Gmail inbox a headache for most of us? Yes, but it culd be worse. I'd rather deal with a few unwanted messages than lose important ones. Gmail has a pretty good track record of weeding out the good email from the bad so there's probably no reason to get bent out of shape that they've dropped the ball for the moment.

Have you had spam problems with your Gmail account recently? Are you thinking of jumping ship and now wish you'd never given up that AOL address you had all through college? Let me know in the comments.

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