iGoogle Lets You Ogle Your Favorite Celebrities

Here's an idea I want to like, but that I can see going downhill in a hurry: Celebrity iGoogle homepages. It's an intriguing concept but since the definition of "celebrity" is such a moving target, I'm afraid we'll see less Sir Anthony Hopkins and more Octo-mom.

According to TechCrunch, "The iGoogle Showcase lets you copy your favorite celeb's iGoogle page to your own, or browse through the collection and choose different gadgets and themes to include from varying pages. Some celebs have created customized gadgets that you can embed."

I admit that I'd be interested in poking around the iGoogle homepages of various famous people and see what types of content they choose to share. For instance, I'm curious about what kinds of things Digg's Kevin Rose reads during the course of his day.

I fear, though, that iGoogle Showcase will end up being much like the celebrity pages of Twitter and Facebook -- huge amounts of self-promotion without any real insight into the people whose names are attached to the page. I understand, of course, that most people will check out iGoogle Showcase with the intent of being entertained -- as will I. Once the novelty wears off, though, will anyone really care what the weather is like in Ryan Seacrest's neighborhood?

Who would you like to see have an iGoogle Showcase page? Let me know in the comments.

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