Too Legit to Tweet: Famous Faces Who've Left Twitter

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4- John Edwards- Quit November 14, 2007

Unlike Joe Biden, John Edwards abandoned his Tweeple before he dropped out of the race. While he was up and running, however, his tweets were slightly more personalized than other politicians, with tweets like, "Just arrived in New Hampshire. It's a beautiful rainy day here...

3- Larry David- Quit January 7, 2009

It was a sad day on the Internet when Larry David abandoned Twitter. Of all the celebrities we want to hear snarky status updates from, he would be in our top 10. His tweets were often amusing observations on the absurdity of Twitter. Here are some examples:

"Again, this thing is asking me what I'm doing. I'm sitting here in front of a computer. What else would I be doing? Playing tennis?"

"So, I've been sitting here for 10 minutes. No one has said anything. Is this supposed to do something? Did I break The Twitter?"

"What the hell is this thing? I'm suposed to tell you what I'm doing? Why would I tell you what I'm doing? What are YOU doing?"

What an awesomely wonderful n00b.

2- Denzel Washington- Quit January 21, 2008

Is anyone surprised the Denzel Washington would be a Twitter Quitter? The guy's got an Oscar and played Malcom X, for crying out loud. He doesn't really need the publicity or attention from an online audience -- he's already got the mainstream. While he was active, however, he did tweet a few candid thoughts like, "Traveling, on a promo tour for the new film. Labor of love -- yeah right! Shaking hands, and kissing babies: it's a living! I'm blessed..."

1- JJ Abrams- Quit December 8, 2008

What if JJ Abrams to accidentally tweeted Lost spoilers? What an incredible alternate universe that would be. But our favorite sci-fi king is not falling for it. Of course, what would you expect from a guy who loves mysteries? We will give him credit for tweeting before the millions of articles about how to get a job/SEO/followers/stalkers/whatever on Twitter. And who are we kidding? He just killed at the box office with Star Trek. He don't need no stinkin' Twitter for us to worship him.

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