Investors Suggest Steve Jobs Should Leave

Jobs might be returning to work within the next few weeks, but if he does he needs to step away from the helm of Apple and let someone else get on with the day to day running of the company, according to some investors.

Speaking to the LA Times, Michael Obuchowski, chief investment officer for First Empire Asset Management described Jobs as: "An obsessive, visionary freak" who would run himself down were he to operate the company again.

Obuchowski added: "As an investor, I want him to be behind the scenes, as the person who provides input, the person who drives everyone else insane because he has this obsessive, visionary idea."

Broadpoint AmTech Analyst Brian Marshall mirrors Obuchowski's views. "It's clear he's [Jobs'] not a very healthy individual. It makes sense for him to spend his energy and resources on the most important matters."

Opinions seem united on the person best to take over the day to day running of Apple. Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook has been running Apple in Jobs' absence and according to analysts he's been doing a good job. Majestic Research's Richard Klugman said Cook demonstrated his operational strength throughout the year with better quarterly profits than expected.

Klugman said: "The success that the company has had since the day [Jobs] disclosed his leave of absence gives a lot of people encouragement that there are signs that the company can not just survive, but can thrive, in his absence."

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