Mobile Deathmatch: Can the Pre Knock out the IPhone?

If the battle between the BlackBerry and the iPhone was in essence a replay of PC versus Mac, the Battle between the Palm Pre and the iPhone is more like a battle between Windows 7 and Mac OS X. The matchup, on paper, is pretty close. So we set out to dig deeper. Galen has spent a lot of time with the iPhone as part of InfoWorld's previous mobile deathmatch between the iPhone and BlackBerry, while Brandon bought a Pre as soon as it came out and has quickly made it a key part of his everyday life.

On Monday, July 6, we'll publish the results of our new deathmatch; just come back to this page. But before then, we'd like your feedback on what to evaluate the devices on, as well as what we should have evaluated differently in the previous iPhone versus BlackBerry deathmatch. Add your comments below. We'll also be keeping an eye on Twitter for your suggestions. Either reply to one of our tweets (we're at @InfoWorld) or use the #deathmatch and #infoworld hashtags. We'll find you!

Currently, we plan to evalue these aspects of the devices, in the context of what we believe matters to business and professional users:

  • E-mail, calendar, and contacts: These are the lifeblood activities of a person's working life, and we believe they have the biggest impact on business usage.
  • Applications: The iPhone pioneered making a mobile device a new kind of computer through app support, and the Pre claims to be just as good.
  • Web and Internet: The iPhone also brought the real Web to the mobile world, but the Pre is said to go even further, with its Web-oriented WebOS at the core.
  • Location support: Finding nearby restaurants, getting directions, and so on are a natural need when you're on the go. Which makes the most of location?
  • User interface: Apple is renowned for providing a great user experience, and its iPhone shamed its original competitors in this regard. The Pre's designer include former Apple stars, so can it outclass the iPhone in its UI?
  • Security and management: The iPhone's previous challenger, the BlackBerry, gets business and IT love because of its management and security controls. The newest iPhones up the ante here, but does the Pre even try to play ball for IT?
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