Add a Spell-Checker to Outlook Express

Windows Live Mail, a free replacement for Outlook Express, offers a built-in spell-checker, among other worthwhile features.
Reader Karl needs help with his spelling. Specifically, he needs a spell-checker for Outlook Express, because the method he's using now is the very definition of "hassle."

Karl says he composes new messages in WordPerfect, spell-checks them there, then exports the text for import into Outlook Express. That's insane! (Seriously, Karl, ever heard of copy and paste?)

Fortunately, this hassle-packed procedure can end right now. The first option is to install a third-party spell-checker, like the aptly named Spell Checker for OE. (Although our download page says it's shareware, the author's product page says the add-in is free.)

But instead of that, I recommend upgrading to Windows Live Mail. This free OE replacement from Microsoft offers a more streamlined interface and some much-needed new features, including dynamic search (results appear as you type), spam filtering, and a calendar that can sync with your online Windows Live calendar.

Oh, it has a spell-checker, too.

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