Ballmer Declares Windows 7 is Vaporware -- Huh?

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, shocked attendees at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner conference in New Orleans yesterday when he announced that while Windows 7 is certainly interesting since it won't ship until late this year it's little more than vaporware.

Ballmer continued, to the stunned audience of Microsoft programmers' amazement, to say that "I don't know if we can't make up our mind or what our problem is over here, but the last time I checked, you don't need two client operating systems. It's good to have one."

Microsoft currently ships no fewer ten different client operating systems. These are: XP Home, for netbooks only; Windows Mobile 6.1; and no fewer than 8 different versions of Vista: Starter, Home Basic, Home Basic N (Europe), Home Premium, Business, Business N (Europe), Enterprise and Ultimate. Ballmer did not say which of the nine, he'd be killing off.

Windows 7, which Microsoft promises to make available by October 22, even though the company has missed its expected RTM (release to manufacturer) July 13 date, will have at least as many versions as Vista. The company has also backed off on its promise to deliver Windows 7 RTM bits to business users with volume license agreements and MSDN/TechNet -- the very developers that Ballmer was speaking to -- anytime soon.

Wait. What's this? Oh, I see! Ballmer was actually talking about Google's just announced Linux-based Chrome operating system. and Android. Funny that. You see, everything he said about Google and its plans actually applies far more to Microsoft and its way of doing business than it does Google. Interesting isn't it?

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