Taking Bing for a Spin — on a 7-Day Test Drive

I received a note from Microsoft PR this morning commenting on my post yesterday that explored Google's mini-site search boxes. Microsoft wants us to know that Bing has mini-search boxes, too. I use Bing. I must conduct 50 searches a day in my work as journalist and 45 of them will be on Google, but a few on Bing. I have a few Bing searches saved as RSS feeds that I check daily, too. I just haven't found Bing to be all-that ... at least I haven't found it to be compelling enough to be my go-to choice for searches because I tend to find what I'm looking for faster with Google.

But I'm also admittedly indoctrinated into Google's point of view and haven't mastered the tricks of Bing. So next week, I'm going to use Bing at least as often as I do Google. Instead of growing frustrated the millisecond I can't find what I'm looking for and running back to my old favorite, I'm going to stick it out and learn whatever secrets I can in a week's worth of honest effort. If you have any Bing tricks to share, please post them here. I've dug up an old marketing video to get me started, which I'll share here, too. Droll as it is, it does offer a little insight into on how to use Bing.

Here is the note, complete with screen shots that Microsoft's PR agent, Jen Lyons, sent.

"We noticed your post yesterday, “Search Site Box: Yet Another Reason to Love Google and wanted to let you know that Bing also offers site search through its best match results.

"Rather than getting lost in the midst of all the other search results, Bing makes the best result stand out from all the others. Best Match is designed to bring the most helpful information from the most authoritative sites for your query.

"Below are screenshot examples of queries for Target (which displays site navigation links, a site search bar, and a customer service number) and UPS (which offers the same, but with a twist – it enables you to track a package which is what many folks are seeking to do when they seek out UPS).

"Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to know more about Bing. We also have a comprehensive guide online at www.discoverbing.com/behindbing.


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