Seinfeld Star Now Plugging Macs

Apple this week began airing 2 new "Get a Mac" ads, and one of them features a very familiar face - Patrick Warburton, though you might know him better as David Puddy from Seinfeld.

The commercial, which is titled "Top of the Line" is a clear and obvious response to Microsoft's seemingly successful "I'm a PC" commercials which focus on the price difference between Mac and PC systems. In the latest ad, Warburton plays a "top of the line" PC, but when questioned about his capability of dealing with viruses and other PC-related headaches, he has no acceptable response, and the interested shopper, surprise surprise, decides to go with Justin Long, who of course is the "Mac".

I gotta be honest - Apple's line of "Get a Mac" ads may be on their last legs. While the commercials are undoubtedly iconic and universally recognized at this point, they've also become painfully predictable, and there's only so much humor you can derive from going to the well over and over.

You can view the latest Get a Mac ad below:

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