Small USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are handy storage devices, and there are a wide ranges of choices, from practical to fashionable. I like flash drives that are small and easy to carry with me at all times.

In this video, I'll take a quick look at two USB flash drives that are very easy to carry. First, I'll look at LaCie's iamaKey, and then I'll talk about Verbatim's Tuff-'n'-Tiny.

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Show notes

Product pages:

* LaCie iamaKey

* Verbatim Tuff-'n'-Tiny

If you're interested in more information about the USB flash drive I showed at the opening of the video, here are the product pages (in order of appearance).

* USB Dog

* SwissFlash 16 GB Alox

* Darth Vader Unmasked

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