Grab an Xbox 360 Elite for $250

Grab an Xbox 360 Elite for $250

If carving up your Xbox 360's cardboard box and snail-mailing a proof of purchase tag doesn't bug you, you can score an Xbox 360 Elite for $250, net total. How? Microsoft's offering a $50 rebate to anyone who buys their premium $300 video games console before October 5th. Two weeks less a day, then, for fence-riders susceptible to the allure of a 17% price cut.

Both Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's mainline Xbox 360 are currently $300. That said, they're not even-Steven, depending on what you're after in features, functions, and software libraries. If you want a partial drill-down, see our comparison chart: "PS3 Slim vs. Xbox 360 Price Fight."

I can't help you decide. I own both systems myself, and probably would whether I wrote for a living or just pretended to. I suppose there's possibly a supplemental argument here for PS3 owners who'd like to reach across the aisle without utterly pillaging their piggy banks. The only quandary if you're game for the latter? Picking a software version when multi-system versions arrive.

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