AT&T: What Network Problems?

Speculation over the causes of AT&T's network issues moved back to the forefront this week when a researcher speculated that the way the carrier had configured its network was the cause of its troubles. In other words, it ain't the iPhone's fault.

The research and idea was first presented by Brough Turner, a 25-year veteran of the communications industry. Turner's work was republished by several media outlets (including us), and again put AT&T in the now familiar position of damage control.

Well, the carrier is none too happy about having to defend itself again. "The AT&T wireless network is designed and engineered to deliver the highest possible levels of capacity and performance. Our standing as the nation's fastest 3G network is validated by multiple third-party testing organizations on the basis of millions of drive tests annually," the carrier said in a statement to Technologizer.

What about Turner's accusations of configuration issues? AT&T says there is no basis in fact for his research. "We believe that recent online speculation regarding AT&T wireless network configuration settings is without foundation. Allegations in these posts regarding packet loss network settings are incorrect," spokesperson Seth Bloom said.

Back to the drawing board for those trying to figure out what's going on with the "nation's fastest 3G network" I guess.

This story, "AT&T: What Network Problems?" was originally published by Technologizer.

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