Microsoft Windows Mobile: Your Essential Guide

Microsoft has its work cut out for it in the mobile operating system market given the strength of Apple iPhone among consumers, RIM BlackBerry  among businesses and Nokia/Symbian in Europe (not to mention Google Android coming on strong). But with Windows Mobile 7 set to debut in 2010, Microsoft isn't giving up on the smartphone OS market. Here's a collection of recent stories, opinion pieces and more to get you up to speed or keep you current on Windows Mobile:


Microsoft's mobile turnaround: What's at stake  Microsoft has pledged it will never again be irrelevant in the mobile market and its newest software is the first indication of a big change: Microsoft has quietly cancelled its longstanding effort to stamp the PC-based "Windows Experience" onto mobile devices.

New Windows Mobile software builds hint at Microsoft's direction Unofficial Windows Mobile 6.5.1 smartphone OS iterations boast deftness, simplicity. These builds, most of which are for HTC smartphones and often show up on the XDA Developers site, reveal a range of visual improvements, some subtle some more obvious. In general, developers and bloggers are saying the builds show Microsoft making significant advances.

Windows 6.5 arrives, mostly disappoints  Most reviewers agree: Microsoft's new OS is mostly a superficial, cosmetic update, not the overhaul that was needed.

Ballmer: We screwed up with Windows Mobile  Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer acknowledges what everyone else knows: Windows Mobile needs lots of work.

Windows Mobile's demise greatly exaggerated, iSuppli says  Analyst firm contends Windows Mobile's use on smartphones will nearly triple by 2013.

Windows Marketplace for Mobile app store expands  Microsoft has expanded the availability of Windows Marketplace for Mobile to older Windows Mobile versions.

Zenprise extends monitoring to Windows Mobile clients  The company's MobileManager application can now troubleshoot enterprise BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices linking with Microsoft Exchange Server.

Opera 10 browser comes to Windows Mobile  Opera said Windows Mobile users to gain desktop-like browsing on their handsets.

From Android to Windows Mobile, RIM and webOS, Sprint likes multiple mobile operating systems  Sprint is making it clear to software developers that it wants to help them make new applications for its devices, no matter what platform they run on.



First Look at Windows Mobile 6.5 Phones Take a gander at HTC, Samsung and other phones using Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5 software



Windows Mobile 6.5: It's a shame it's so lame  Blogger Mitchell Ashley calls the Microsoft upgrade no threat to the Apple iPhone or Google Android.

Windows Mobile 6.5 leaves me unimpressed  Blogger Ron Barrett says "Windows Mobile on a Smartphone without touch screen is as useless as udders on a bull!"

Skyfire Web browser rocks on Windows Mobile  Skyfire is a free, downloadable web browser that not only brings Windows Mobile's web browsing up to par with other mobile OSs, it surpasses them, according to blogger Mitchell Ashley



Podcast: Gartner reports Windows Mobile sales plummet 

Podcast: Microsoft opens Windows Mobile App Store 

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