Office 2007: 8 Great Reasons to (Finally) Upgrade

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2. The new XML-based file format
Some of the benefits to moving to the new XML-based file format include:

  • Easier integration of content from different sources

  • Accelerated new product designs via easier code reuse

  • Clear separation between business data and markup language, with each document more easily manipulated with custom tools

3. Increased productivity via an improved UI
Average users report a slight decrease in productivity during the first two to three weeks using the new ribbon UI but then an overall increase in productivity. The increased productivity is due to no longer having to drill through multiple levels of menus to find a particular task, features that were unknown to users becoming more obvious, and more logical organization of features on each tab of the UI.

4. New tools and tool enhancements
Several tools' capabilities have been enhanced, and several capabilities added through new tools:

  • The Document Inspector automatically scans document, spreadsheets, and presentations to remove information that you don't want to share with individuals outside of your office, such as comments, hidden rows/columns/editing marks, document properties, and personal information.

  • An enhanced set of themes coordinated across Excel, PowerPoint, and Word make it easier to create a consistent look and feel to all your documents.

  • Smart Art makes it easier than ever to spice up documents using graphics to present information such as org charts, processes, and lists.

  • Save as PDF lets you save documents can be saved in PDF format without having Adobe Acrobat Pro installed.

5. Looming discontinuation of support for older versions
Mainstream support for Office 2003 ended on April 14, 2009. Extended support is available for an additional five years, until April 14, 2014. The extended support includes any security patches released during this period, as well as paid incident support.

6. Easier migration
Each Office 2007 application includes a conversion utility that quickly and easily converts individual documents to the new OOXML format and enables all of the new Office 2007 features. The Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM) tool can batch-convert groups of files, with some limitations.

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