The State of Windows 7 Satisfaction

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"Since You Asked..."

We ended our survey by letting respondents provide free-form comments about Windows 7. Hundreds did-including additional praise, unsparing criticism, and mixed verdicts. Here's a sampling of what they had to say.

The Good

I wish Microsoft on UPDATE TUESDAY would push through a survey like this. I mean I know they have "back end" stuff that reports to them about my PC. BUT why not just force through an OPTIONAL survey people would take. I AM AN APPLE GUY. But I LOVE Windows 7. I updated an XP Machine to Vista and my life with Windows went to hell. Windows 7 IS A way closer solution for XP to Vista non converts. I am happy with my PC again. ALSO I would just like to mention, the world can't afford new HIGH END PC's every YEAR. I am using A Pentium 4 with EMT64/HT. Be nice if people at Microsoft realized this is still a customer.

I have been testing Windows 7 since the Beta in January, and my experience has been extremely positive. Features that didn't work good for me in Windows Vista, such as Sleep, work perfectly in Windows 7 on the same machine. And while I have not needed to run any legacy programs in XP mode, I use it extensively for application and website testing in older browsers. The integration in the start menu is just great. I'm lovin' it!

It really is everything Vista should have been at the get go.

Love it. Absolutely love it. Haven't been this excited about a Windows release since Win98. (XP was too buggy for me to be excited for at launch.)

It's the first version of Windows I'm actually happy to use.

It does what I want it to do, and feels like wearing an old hat - it just fits.

I'd say that Windows 7 is probably the best version of Windows ever. I still like (Snow) Leopard much better, and I also prefer Linux - for political reasons, and because it's better suited for much of the geek stuff I do. But overall, I like W7 a lot.

Sleek, nimble, fast, compatible.

The upgrade process went extremely well, I have to admit I was surprised when compared to other Windows upgrades I have performed.

It just works - I have no complaints. The fact I don't think about it while I work tells me it's doing its job.

The Bad

It is not the second coming, despite what others would have you believe. Some of the changes were useful, others seemed to be changes just for the sake of making changes, and yet others simplified the interface (making it easier for newbs, but taking away functionality for power users). Given that the industry is moving forward on Win7, I'll stick with it.

Seems to be made for people who have no idea how it works or why it works. I am unable to locate files and features without allot of searching - they hid to many things and got rid of some. Seems to be a program for little kids to play with - do things that are not important - like the adds on TV. The people on TV say Windows 7 was their idea - no wonder it is screwed up.

Not enough has changed from Vista to make it a worthwhile purchase for a XP user. It is still horrible just as Vista was.

Surprised how well I can live with it but, as someone who has no time for eye-candy, I'm not really convinced it's that much better than XP.

I am more concerned about performance and I did not find W7 far better than XP about that. I upgraded because XP was a past product.

Overall impression is sloppiness. Hardly any actual features for the average user; essentially just a shell.

I'm very disappointed with Media Player 12. I've always use the video enhancement to tune video playback to my liking. Now the feature is on the right click context menu, you can't keep it on top where it's accessible. As soon as you click to play the video the menu disappears and the only way to get it back is to close and re-open it. The button is in the tray to restore it, but it won't bring it back on the screen. I also miss having the controls at the top where they can be accessed.

This cleaned up version of Vista, with some unfortunate bells and whistles apeing the Mac O/S just proves that there was really no problem with Vista, outside of third party providers not being ready for Vista.

It's far too expensive.

The Mixed

Though I dread the idea of returning to XP, I'm not sure that I use enough of Windows 7 new features on my netbook to merit the ~$50 upgrade cost (Family Pack price).

If buying a new system, get one with 7 preinstalled. Definitely upgrade if you're currently using Vista. If you're on XP, I don't see a real need to part with your money for 7. Some things work better on 7 over XP, some worse. The security in 7 is largely just windows asking "are you sure?" when you do anything requiring admin privileges.

The overall performance is superior to Vista, especially on file transfer times (noticable improvement) I consider windows 7 a successful implementation of the features attempted to add to vista, but without any losses from the XP System.

While the Media Center libraries are a great feature, a software implementation of a full media extender would be preferred. it's great to watch recorded tv across the network, but it would be better if machines that did not have a tuner could watch live TV like the xbox360 can, full extender experience.

Also, I have run across some file permissions issues with the media libraries in which I cannot delete TV shows recorded on the local machine. while annoying, it is not a killer problem.

I also am using some of the windows 7 touch features on my Touchscreen PC. While it is more touch friendly than any of the Previous OS's, there should be many more options for expandability on this front, similar to the Accessibility options that many generations have implemented for visual and hearing impaired persons. While windows 7 is touch-friendly, it is not touch-centric without Origami.

I first tried to install over Vista, but ran into many problems. After many frustrating days, I did a clean install and that worked fine.

I've been very happy with W7. That said, the first thing I did after installing was to disable UAC and revert the taskbar to match the style in XP/Vista. There's been a few glitches, but overall a very worthwhile upgrade.

We'll continue to keep tabs on what the world thinks of Windows 7-and might even do another survey once more people have had more hands-on time with the new OS, and some of the initial glitches have been resolved. For now, please continue the conversation in the comments, whether you're a happy Win 7 user, a disgruntled one, or somebody who's still choosing to avoid it for now....

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