Google's Lesson Learned: Good News for Bing?

The news that Rupert Murdoch's media empire, News Corp., was pulling its content out of Google and going exclusively to Bing — with Microsoft paying for it — shook up the technology and online news worlds last week.

But it turns out that's not really happening — yet. It's still a threat from Murdoch. But he has stated that he plans to pull News Corp. content from Google once all his sites are subscription-based.

Meanwhile, Microsoft denied that it has plans to pay for exclusive content to go on Bing. And Google, as a way to appease angry publishers like Murdoch and the Associated Press, changed how it grants access to news stories, and also made it easier for news sites to opt-out of Google News.

So will this all blow over? No way mate.

Murdoch has a history of creating enemies and then going after them doggedly (What's up Ted Turner?). Google is the latest. He's bloody mad at them for making so much money from merely listing content that hard-working publishers create, and then not sharing the advertising revenue.

And if, like The Wall Street Journal's site, you are charging a subscription fee for that content, Google is providing free access to your stories. In Google's defense, it has revised its system so readers will see a registration page on paid sites after clicking through their sixth article of the day. But still, that's six free stories on a paid site.

Initially, Murdoch's threat to de-index his company's content from Google seemed nuts. Why would you pull your content from a search engine that controls 65 percent of the market, and move it to Bing, which has a 10 percent of the market?

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