Captain Galactic for IPhone

Houston, we have a litany of problems.

What could be more fun than playing as a super hero in charge of saving the galaxy? Captain Galactic: Super Space Hero from Digital Chocolate tempts you with that premise and the promise of an explorable cartoon world complete with super-powered action and more than 30 levels of fun. In truth, Captain Galactic is marred with technical difficulties that render flight difficult, fun nearly impossible, and ultimately make NASA's management seem smooth and efficient by comparison.

Captain Galactic is an amalgam of bad characters and clichés: he's part Captain Planet and part Astro Boy's awkward, coordination-challenged cousin. In the opening sequence, we're introduced to the origin of Captain Galactic. Once a student named "Spike Mopp," a lab accident went horribly wrong and he subsequently acquired super powers. His loyal droid companion mistakenly calls him "Mister Spike," thus setting the tone for the abysmal dialogue, story, and characters that make up this disappointing title.nemy--à ─■In his cosmic adventure, Captain Galactic has difficulties getting off the ground--as in, the game might not launch at all. Captain Galactic experiences more crashes than any game I've played yet for the iPhone, and I found significant slowdown during particularly intense action sequences when playing. Still listed at version 1.0.0 at the time of this writing, the game desperately needs an update because right now it's almost unplayable.üâ■à 2♣■When Captain Galactic actually does run, there are moments when you wish it would crash again. The annoying dialogue, the character's insufferable '90s vision of coo]

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