The Most Hated PCWorld Articles of 2009

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7. Apple iPhone vs. Palm Pre: They Both Lose

Apple iPhone vs. Palm Pre
A surefire way to garner a negative score (a score of -567, to be exact) is to compare an Apple product with another big-ticket item, and then criticize both of them. In this article, the writer points out that the iPhone 3GS announcement was, if anything, a bit disappointing--after all, the compass app was the only highlight. However, he also notes that Palm didn't do a great job of announcing the Pre, either: The company revealed the phone too far in advance, allowing Apple to (quite easily) steal its thunder. Naturally, all of the Palm fans, iPhone fans, Palm haters, iPhone haters, BlackBerry fans, and other phone devotees came out to share their thoughts.

6. Open Source Is Polluting the Windows Experience

Artwork: Chip Taylor
Well, we've gotten both Apple fanboys and Microsoft fanboys mad at us--all we need now are the Linux fanboys. That brings us to the sixth-most-hated PCWorld article of 2009. In this gem of a story, the writer expresses his gripes with open-source software (such as VMware, GIMP, and VirtualBox), concluding that open-source software makes for disjointed, Linux-like interfaces, which should not be "forced upon us via the more respectable commercial software channel." Open-source advocates were all over this article (after all, open source is, if nothing else, free), and gave it a score of -594.

5. Palm Pre: Nowhere to Go but Down

Palm Pre
Yep, it's another article that mentions the Palm Pre (er, trashes it) and declares that the only way for the Pre to succeed is if everything else (Apple, Google) completely fails. This story got a score of -712, and readers pounced on it, mentioning the iPhone's shortcomings (you can't run apps simultaneously and it has no real keyboard, for starters), and noting that perhaps the Pre's intended audience is not the same as the iPhone's.

4. Slimmed PS3 Won't Save Sony

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim
Finally, a topic I can get on board with: Sony. In the fourth-most-hated article of 2009 (with a stunning score of -1033), Sony's PlayStation 3 takes a beating. Last summer, Sony slimmed down both the size and the price of its latest gaming console, making it $100 cheaper and 33 percent smaller. Our blogger says that Sony is hoping the price and size cuts will increase sales, but he also notes that the forecast isn't looking good. While that is true--the PS3 has been the least popular of the major gaming systems (Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360) ever since their similarly timed releases--our blogger goes on to declare that "based on several game reviews I have read, the PS3 often suffers graphical glitches in its games that Microsoft's Xbox 360 simply does not." This statement, of course, riled up the PS3 aficionados in the mix, who immediately leaped to the system's defense. (Commenter arkitekt78 says, "I have played on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3--I like the PS3 leaps and bounds over the 360.")

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