The Most Hated PCWorld Articles of 2009

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3. Top Internet Security Suites: Paying for Protection

Our third-most-hated article of 2009 garnered an overwhelming score of -1266, but exactly zero hateful comments--actually, zero comments, period. This article is a simple roundup and ranking of security suites (Avira, BitDefender, F-Secure, Kaspersky, McAfee, Panda, Symantec, Trend Micro, and Webroot), and nothing terribly controversial. Thus, we can conclude that the thumbs-down votes (all 1854 of them) are probably from people hating on the necessity of security suites, the existence of malicious viruses, or both.

2. How to Keep Employees Happy During Hard Times

Artwork: Chip Taylor
The second-most-hated article of 2009 received an amazing score of -1612, and, like story number three, it garnered zero comments. Since this article, written by Michael Schneider, CEO of Fluidesign, is about staying positive during the recession and includes tips such as "be flexible (instead of just firing people)" and "celebrate everything," we assume that readers are not bringing the hate on Schneider (as he sounds like a pretty cool boss). But as for the recession itself--yeah, that's something we too can hate on.

1. Snow Leopard Is a Pale Imitation of Windows 7

Snow Leopard
As you know by now, the quickest way to attract comments, flames, and unabated loathing to a PCWorld article is to pit Microsoft fans against Apple fans. And that is exactly what the most-hated PCWorld article of 2009, with a score of -2724 (3346 total thumbs-down votes), did. This much-abhorred article notes features that Snow Leopard may or may not have stolen from Windows operating systems (though, as we all know, it isn't as if the two companies haven't been pilfering ideas and stealing from each other for years), such as the Exposé Dock Integration (Windows has thumbnail previews). Enraged readers and fans of all types jumped on this article to give it a whopping 200-plus comment count.

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