Minim for IPhone

Minim is an original, clever puzzler for the iPhone. The $2 game from Fishing Cactus excels because of its simplicity and its elegant ties to the iPhone's unique interface.

Each level presents a pseudo-molecule--a chain of interconnected numerical atoms. You can tap on two connected, identical numbers in the molecule to combine them; the combined result is incremented by one. That is, if you combine a 2 with another 2, you're left with a 3 in their place. Your goal is to work each molecule down into a single atom through strategic combining.

The game starts out easy enough, adding complexity as you progress. Each new complication--like "-1," which decreases the number it's combined with, or blue connectors, which let you swap the positions of two atoms--is introduced with tutorials that explain just how they work.

Whether tapping on atoms, swiping along the background to rotate perspective, or dragging atoms further apart for a better view, the app's interactions feel entirely intuitive. While you can undo any number of moves, I do wish Minim included a "start over" button each level, but that's a minor quibble. On the whole, it's a low-key and pleasant puzzle game.

The free lite version features five of the full game's 50 levels--enough to whet your appetite, but not to sate it. Minim is compatible with all iPhone and iPod Touch devices running OS 3.0 or later.

[Lex Friedman is a frequent Macworld contributor.]

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