Tech Trends 2010: Predictions for the Year Ahead

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The Losers of 2010

Oracle Gets Ousted?

In off-the-record, libation-enhanced conversations with CIOs, when you mention the word Oracle -- they see red. In 2010, we may see another instance of Oracle firing its entire sales force as an apology to the industry for customer abuse. In 2010, CIOs have choices, and when possible, Oracle will not be one of them.

-- Thornton A. May

Big Companies That Lag

As the recession ends, midsize companies will increase IT spending faster than large companies. In 2009, most companies cut IT spending dramatically. New IT capabilities were deferred in favor of virtualization, ITIL and other internal efficiency efforts. As the economy improves, executives in large companies who have always believed that IT is too expensive will be unwilling to allow spending to increase significantly. Smaller organizations won't have a choice. Many of their cuts harmed service levels or critical business programs.

-- Bart Perkins

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