Roxxxy Sexbot Is Not Your Daddy's Droid (Hopefully)

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Removing the editor from the process and crowd-sourcing content directly to and from the people sounds great in theory, but as a business model it’s not sustainable for long. As a longtime journo sloppy drunk with a keyboard, I admittedly have some skin in this game. Disintermediation isn’t so fun when you’re the one being dissed.

However, I'm going to take a rare swing at optimism here. I think 2010 will be a turning point in the evolution of the Web. Many people will start to realize that while information may want to be free, the things that add value will still have to cost money or we won’t have them any more.

Whether enough people will realize that -- and how we get to a Web that is still mostly free but rewards the people who bring innovation -- are questions I’m not smart enough to answer.

And if we don’t get there? I may just hole up in a cabin somewhere with Wild Wendy until our collective batteries run out.

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