GoToMyPC ... or My Mac

Back when I had a "work PC" and a "home PC," I swore by Citrix Online's GoToMyPC remote-control service. I used it frequently to run business-related apps I didn't have at home, and sometimes to snag files I'd forgotten to bring home. It certainly wasn't my only remote-control option, nor the cheapest, but it scored extremely high for simplicity and rock-solid reliability.

When I started using Macs as well as Windows boxes, however, I used GoToMyPC less frequently. It had a Java client that let me control a PC from a Mac, but it was nowhere near as good as the native Windows app, and there wasn't any way to control a Mac at all.

Citrix is remedying the situation with the first version of GoToMyPC with full Mac support. It's not a separate OS X version-which is why it's not called GoToMyMac-but an upgrade to the standard one that works with Macs as well as Windows. For the first time, you can control a Mac from another Mac, a Windows PC from a Mac, or a Mac from a Windows PC. Or, as before, a PC from a PC.

Mac remote control is far from a breakthrough: GoToMyPC archrival LogMeIn already has it in its free and for-pay versions, and OS X even has a version built in, in the form of its Screen Sharing feature. And Citrix hasn't yet implemented all the features available for Windows-to-Windows usage. But it's still a welcome addition to a service that's worth the bucks if you've got serious, ongoing need for remote access. GoToMyPC pricing remains the same: It's $19.95 a month to control one computer, or $29.95 to control two. There are discounts for annual subscriptions, and a 30-day free trial offer.

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