Apple Tablet Needs a Name Cooler Than iTablet, iSlate

Apple Tablet Needs a Name Cooler Than iTablet, iSlate
Apple is sending out the official invitations to next week's Big Event. We're being invited not to see the newest product, nor even the newest innovation.

We're invited to Apple's "latest creation." One is grateful for the lower-case 'c.'

The New Creation is widely expected to be a tablet style computing device. And lots of guesses are being put forward as a name: iTablet, iSlate, iPad.

Talk about lame. Talk about unCreative.

Surely we can come up with a name that better reflects hope and change and coolness!

My suggestions...

iWhat: Think Zen. People are going to ask "what is that?" The question becomes the answer!

iOh: A version of "I/O" for input/output. But I/O for the new millenium. Ohhhhhh.

Eyei: Piratical, edgey, Johnny Deppish.

iPill: Be honest: the whole hyperhype is hard to swallow. Tablet...pill, get it?

iSlab: Be countercultural, industrial, muscular, surly. Let them eat biscotti.

iStroke: Take touch to the next level.

iLick: ReCreating the computer interface.

iLleluia: We have beheld and held the Glory.

iWoz: Homage to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

iEgo: Homage to the other Apple co-founder and current CEO.

iCon: The result of brilliant marketing.

iNerd: It's all about me. And tech. And stuff.

iKnow: Appeal to your inner smugness.

So what would YOU call it?

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